We are a full service automotive and diesel repair shop. We work to service individuals and fleets alike. Our team of skilled mechanics is led by our owner, Will Maloney, who has over 20 years of experience working on…well basically anything you can think of- from cars to trucks, to big earth movers, to welding in some of the most difficult places all over the world. His skills are beyond what we can list here and he personally works to ensure that his team here at Arc Iron Garage is providing the same sort of care and attention to detail as he does to each and every car that we touch.


Growing up as a car guy, I’ve always been into cars, from high school on. I always wanted to build them, talk about them, and I love answering questions about them. I love the diagnostic process and figuring out what a vehicle needs. Even reengineering some of it, if needed. It’s like a sixth sense to me, it always has been and honestly, this work just genuinely makes me happy. 

Things that drive me? The overall bad name that mechanics and dealerships – really any car repair has.  There’s a stigma around the whole industry that you can’t trust anyone when it comes to your car and I don’t believe that has to be the way. 

“Mechanics are out to screw you”… even in the movies people say this and use it like a regular reference. That whole narrative that people have about shops and getting their cars fixed is something I want to change. I hope that people think about my shop and know that we do it differently than that. 


We will always do our best.  We keep up on the latest software and latest repair procedures. We have access to all Ford, Dodge, Chevy, etc. software. We want it to be the best and we’re always learning.

 To error is only human, nobody is perfect, but we stand behind our work and we’re committed to getting your vehicle running right again.

We treat everyone’s vehicle like it was our own or like it was our own families driving them.

“Will is honest and reliable and a decent person and will not rip you off or charge you awful amounts of money. He will tell you first what can be done and works with you he awesome.”

-Tracie Campos

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